Enduring Mango Friendship


Nelna—A Supreme Mango

Sharing a mango signifies an en-during bonding between sharing and a caring spirit among friends in the Sri Lankan culture.

Tom Ellawala (Sri Lankan) and Juan Carlos (Filipino) were two agronomist-mango- friends worked together to introduce a wonder mango unique to Sri Lanka.

They experimented to hybrid an Australian mango with a local variety. Their efforts were fruitful and coined the new array with their initials as TJC mangoes: sweetest, fibreless a divine juiciest fruit from Sri Lanka.

Nelna TJC mangoes are now de-livered on an environmentally friendly, reusable handy basket, enabling you to share your happiness with your friends and loved ones during the festive Christmas and Lunar New Year.

Nelna Agro Development (Pvt) Limited commercialized to grow TJC mangoes in one of the most extensive plantations in dry zones in Southern Sri Lanka. Special care is given with human touch covering each fruit from the bud with a paper bag to prevent pests’ attacks. Ripen fruits handpicked and delivered to the delight of the consumers.

Extending the mango friendship Nelna Agri Development (Pvt) Ltd, engaged few families in Northern part of Sri Lanka in Mannar, and used their skills to hand-craft fruit baskets to pack the Nelna mangoes in bio-degradable handwoven palmyra leaves, extending help to support their COVID19 pandemic hit tourism bound livelihoods.

Nelna mangoes are now available in Singapore. The fruits are air-flown within two days from harvest, making them as the freshest mangoes in the market. Nelna mango has a long shelf life even at the room temperature.